Who's present and who's not?

Keep track of attendance for all of your classes with ease. Avoid the tedious pencil-and-paper method by using GPA Network instead. Who has perfect attendance? And who's missing out?

Avoid the list and go with the seating chart

Why take attendance from a list? Use your seating chart and you'll have everyone checked off in no time.

GPA Teacher Attendance Seating Chart Screenshot

Do troublesome students need your attention?

Handling disruptive students can be detrimental to the learning process. Use GPA Network to record and manage disciplinary actions in your classroom. From a quick "time-out" to detention or suspension, record your actions and notes with ease.

Identify repeat offenders

Though your memory's good, without a history, disruptive students who repeatedly act out can sometimes fall through the cracks. Use GPA Network to review all disciplinary actions taken for a student. The perfect report for parents and administrators.

Go back in time

We don't throw data away. All historical data recorded by the GPA Administrator application is available to you.

GPA Teacher Discipline Box and Disciplinary Records Screenshot