Let GPA Network do the math

Though it won't grade your assignments for you, GPA Network calculates final grades based on the weights, codes, categories, and rounding options that you define. Just set up your preferences and let GPA Network do the math.

Enter grades in a whole new way

Use the traditional grade book editor to enter your grades, and watch the averages and final grades automatically compute. Or enter your grades using your seating chart. No chance of error there.

GPA Teacher Grading Options Screenshot

Apply standards based grading

Define your benchmarks and standards with ease. Then record your standards-based grades for each student and generate a variety of straightforward and intuitive reports.

Review student grades and trends

View grades for all marking periods across all classes. How's everyone doing? Too many A+ grades? Or too many F grades? Find where problem areas are hiding.

Incorporate grades from external classes

Transfer grades for students who've taken classes elsewhere, be it college or a previous school. Such grades show up on transcripts and can be included in student and school statistics.

Add standardized and other test scores

Record scores from standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, AP Exams, and other such events. Once recorded, generate statistics and reports to show your school's progress.

GPA Administrator Historical Grades Sceenshot