Secure Cloud Hosting

GPA Network uses state-of-the-art hosting facilities and technologies. Help your teachers capture and keep each student's attention. Fill the technology gap between teachers and students by selecting GPA Network.

Cloud computing weathers any storm

Taking advantage of the latest cloud computing technologies, GPA Network offers a secure and reliable environment for all of your sensitive data. You'll also be saving the planet. By sharing resources, you'll be limiting the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. And with all information in electronic form, you'll be reducing the amount of paper you use year in and year out. Your information is safe, secure, and always available

Daily offsite backups

Rest assured your data is safe. It's backed up daily and copied to two separate secure offsite locations for additional piece of mind.

Security & Privacy

In this day and age, security is crucial to ensuring everyone's privacy. GPA Network provides a secure environment at many levels. All sensitive data is transferred encrypted using SSL, which in turn uses AES 256-bit encryption standards (supported by most web browser software). All data stored on GPA Network is owned by your school and safeguarded using strict access controls and logging. Bottom line: We take security and privacy seriously.